CrossFit Together will have its regularly scheduled 5:30 am class: however, the whole gym will close at 4PM. Personalized Fitness and CrossFit Together is following the Governor’s guidance here. We hope to have the box open ASAP and will keep everyone informed of any new information as it is available. “No Touchy” 10 RFT 35…

“”Dork” Florian Modified With a partner split AMRAP 20 33 cal row 15 DL (225/155) 12 T2B Rest 5 AMRAP 5 Max Lateral Burpees 10:15AM Das booty-camp with Coach Nat. This is open to all levels but be prepared to hustle and PAY ATTENTION. Class moves fast. Also…may want to bring a pair of running…

Strength: 20 min Front Rack Lunges 5 x 12 building *20 rep makeup Metcon: “Road Kill” 21-15-9 Thrusters (mod/light) KBS (mod) *30 dubs after each set of KBS

Oly: 15 min 3 dl + 1 pwr cl + 1 jerk Metcon: “Kibble-N-Bits” AMRAP 12 30 dubs 25 KBS (light weight) 20 sit ups *starting with and then every 2 min Do 3 c&j @ 60%-70%.

9AM “Deck of Dungeon Cards” Diamonds= thrusters (75/45) Clubs = Box Jumps/Step UPs  Hearts = push ups Spades = Sit ups Aces = 11 reps Face Cards = Roll of 12 sided dice for number of Burpees

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