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Caroline grew up playing competitive volleyball from the time she could walk through high school and made the switch to rugby during her four years at the Coast Guard Academy. While serving in the Guard she was getting bored of running and doing the same workout every day, when she was thankfully introduced to CrossFit. CrossFit fueled her competitive drive and became a constant challenge to learn new skills and improve in strength, speed, and endurance. She had the honor of being the Forwards coach to the Coast Guards Academy Women’s Rugby team in 2016 which ended in a Conference Championship with 4th place National in D2 rugby. That sparked her passion for helping others not only improve physically, but also fight through the mental roadblocks that can be the difference between success and failure.

CrossFit Lv1 trainer

Renee Dunham

Renee grew up in the pool competing year round from early elementary to high school. After graduating college with a BFA in sculpture, she felt her life was missing something. Enter CrossFit. Challenging both in skill and intensity, she found that as a smaller athlete she could use that stamina and discipline from years of swimming laps and still keep pace with the big boys. It also has proved useful with her art career. Picking up heavy things and putting them down somewhere else. She first tried CrossFit  in 2012 and doesn’t regret a single minute.


CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

Jonathan 'J-Rod' Rodriguez

A Boston firefighter since 1993 and a father of two daughters, J-Rod has always lived an active lifestyle from leisure sports like biking and golf to more active like basketball, football and softball. As an early 90’s gym rat type, he was reluctant to try CrossFit. At the encouragement of a fellow firefighter, he tried his first WOD in the summer of 2011. He joined the CFT coaching staff in 2015. J-Rod enjoys teaching others the lifestyle benefits that CrossFit brings to our everyday life.




O2X Human Performance Trainer

Boston District Fire Chief

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