• Oly: 20 min Complex EMOM 14 1 snatch + 1 O.H.S Building Metcon: EOMOM10 -1…

  • Mobility: Metcon: “What” AMRAP 24 25/20 cal AB 5 (each side) DB hang c&j (mod…

  • Skill: 15 min Handstands & H.S.P.U Metcon: cap 15 min “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) H.S.P.U…

  • Strength: 25 min P.O Bench / Press Wk 2 Metcon: “Double the Fun” AMRAP 10…

Step 1:

Register for our Free Intro.

Sign up for one of our free intro classes. We will go over what a CrossFit class looks like and show a few basic movements that are commonly seen in a work out.

Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursday at 7:30pm and  Saturday at 8am. Call or stop by in person to reserve your spot.

For more information please Email us.

Step 2:

Pick Your  Membership.

CrossFit Together offers several different plans catered to exactly what you need. You can pay monthly, quarterly and even yearly payments to save the most money. Depending on you schedule, and commitment to CrossFit, there are plans available from the dedicated CrossFitter to the recreational!

Pricing options can be found Here.

Step 3:

Schedule Your First Foundations.

Members will receive up to 3, 1 0n 1 foundation classes with a purchase of a monthly plan. These are required before joining normal group class. These Foundation classes are vital to a seamless and smooth transition into the class environment. These classes are held Tuesday nights at 6:30PM, Thursday nights at 7:30 and Saturday morning 8AM. Please call  (781-561-6483) or stop by to reserve a spot.





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