Strength: 30 min 1RM make upfront or back squat TNG Tempo deadlifts5 x 5 building(3s up/3s down) Metcon: AMRAP 77 KB deadlifts (AHAP)21 Russian Swings7 burpees

Skill: 10 min Controlling your dubsFind max unbroken setif its 50 great !if its 5 great! Metcon: cap 25 min 4RFT-30/24 cal AB-8 single arm alt. DB devil press (AHAP)-60 dubs / 120 singles

Strength: 30 min 1 RMfront or back squat optional approach:10 @ empty bar8@ light (40-50%)6@ mod (50-60%)3@ heavier (60-70%)3@ heavier + (80%)1-2@ very heavy (90%)1@very heavy + (95%) Metcon: AMRAP 7Burpees asc by 1air squats asc by 2russian swings( AHAP) asc by 3

Strength: 20 min push press5 x 5building Metcon: cap 20 min Ca$h in30/24 cal ABthen 4RDS8 thrusters (heavy)16 Deadlifts32 sit ups

Strength: 8 in Tabata x 2coaches choice Skill: 5/10 min Row form and technique Metcon: cap 20 min*1000 m row10 push ups10 box jumps*750 m row15 push ups15 box jumps*500 m row20 push ups20 box jumps*250 m row25 push ups25 box jumps

Strength: 15/20 min Front rack lunges5 x 10Building Metcon: 30-20-10BurpeesG. Squats (mod/heavy)KBSKB front rack lunges

Gym will be open regular hours. There will be an unofficial class at 9:30 with coach JRod. No 5:30am or 5, 6:15PM classes.

Strength: 20/25 min Deadlift6 sets x 5 TNG Metcon: AMRAP 712 deadlifts @ 65%12 push ups Rest 5 min AMRAP 712 wall balls24 Russian swings (heavy)

Skill:15 min to find heavypwr/sq snatch Strength: EOMOM 12min 1 ) 2 sn @ 80-85%min 2) 6 lateral burpees EOMOM 12min 1) 3 TNG sn @ 60-65%min 2) 20-30 dubs

Skill: 10 min kipping pull up Skill/strength: 8 min EOMOM 8min 1) athlete level drillmin 2) banded lat pull down6-8 each arm Metcon: EOMOM 16:40’s work :20s restmin 1) max pull upsmin 2) max cal ABmin 3) max burpeesMin 4) max KBS

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