Check the FB for information on a group Zoom meeting at 6:30Pm to do the wod or watch others do the wod.


Spend 10 min stretching/foam rolling

focus on ankles/calves/hamstrings/hips and back


“Low Rise Jeans”

$$ in 400 m run / 3 min run / 3 min running in place / 3 min of jumping jacks

then 3 RDS

20 walking lunges ( either in place or outside)

20 hip thrusters

then 400 m run

then another 3RDS of

20 walking lunges

20 good mornings ( add weight if you can)

$$ out 400 m run

*while this wod is ‘for time’ make sure you are not rushing through the hip thrusters and the good mornings.

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