9AM Partner

“Deck of Cards”

Not for Time

Spades = burpees

Clubs = Box jumps

Diamonds = Hang cleans (115/75)

Hearts = KBS (53/35)

  • Every card pulled is double the number. 1 works 1 rests. Break up as needed. All face cards are worth 11 (22 total)
  • Example. Coach pulls 9 of hearts. Athlete A does 9 KBS and athlete B does 9 KBS. Then Coach pulls Queen of spades. Athlete A does 11 burpees and Athlete B does 11 burpees.

10AM Drills & Skills

Mobility: 10 minutes – Shoulders

Skill: 15 min

Beat Swings/Kipping pull ups/ kipping T2B/ BMU

  • No matter your current skill level ( banded pull ups to BMU) this class will help strengthen and further your kip. Based on the needs of each athlete the coach will suggest strength and skill drills.



200m run

10 pull ups

10 cals AB

10 T2b

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