Turkish Get Up

3 sets of 2 each arm warm up

3 sets 1

Get creative. If you can hold it you can Get-up-it.

basket balls/ soccer balls/ cats/ potted plants / laundry baskets / medical text books / medium sized dogs / Lobster pots filled with water / small children / Lulu-lemon bags filled with sand.

Metcon Option 1:

“Stair Way to Hell-no”


ascending by 2s

2 burpees

2 sit ups

*after each set of sit ups run up and down a flight of stairs..if you have no stairs then high knees run in place for 30 reps.

Metcon Option 2:

This is not a common CrossFit inspired wod..but it is different and it is fun ! Especially if you have kids. Hook up your TV or some speakers. We encourage you to share with us your experience with this one.

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