Skill: 10 min

Being Upside down

Spend 10 minutes on your skill level of being upside. For some that is practicing headstands/ kicking up to the wall / Wall walks / Shoulder taps / handstand walking. Remember to be conscious of your body alignment. Ankles over hips over shoulders over hands.



10 Kicks Ups

10 jump tucks

10 bag 2 O.H.

This one is designed for you to hustle !!!! Make sure with the kick ups your body goes from the full tall plank position ending with your feet jumping to the outside of your hands. With the jump tucks think ‘bouncy cheerleader’. You are jumping as high as possible and bringing your knees UP TOO the chest. Not curling into a ball with your chest going forward. Lastly, grab a duffel bag/ back pack / bag of dog food . The heavier the better. With both hands holding firmly holding onto your bag in between your feet, quickly pick it up and in 1 fluid motion finish with both arms locked out over head. Think about form. Back should be straight and arms fully extended at the bottom. Enjoy !

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