Warm Up:

3 x

30 jumping jacks / 50 singles if you have a rope

10 kick ups

10 air squats

3 inchworms (slow down/focus on the stretch)


Tabata x 2

russian twists with object

bicycle kicks


Hollow Rocks


“Home For Dinner”


Jumping lunges

shoulder taps

lateral squats

sit ups

*shoulder taps = hold a tall plank. . Raise one hand off the floor and tap opposite shoulder. Do not let your hips wiggle as you tap. Keep core tight and in line

*lateral squats= standing in a wide stance lean all the way to the left and ‘sit’ so that the hip breaks parallel to the knee. The right leg is now straight. Pay attention to the position of the knee tracking over the toes. If this feels wrong or hurts then stick with regular air squats.

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